Micaella Pedros is a social and humanitarian product designer driven by the topics of energy, empowerment and culture.
Through design, she seeks to contribute to society by unveiling ways to play and benefit from local resources and natural forces in order to empower people. Inspired by the values of democratic design and do-it-yourself culture, she truly developed her practice and philosophy during her volunteering experience in Uganda in 2014 and her work/travel in Guatemala in 2015. 

She obtained her Master's Degree in Design Product at the Royal College of Art in 2016 and is currently based in London.




From the belief that everything we need is just in our surroundings, I aim to reveal the creative potential of local resources through within-reach and transparent technologies. Therefore the object is no longer a consumption-driven artefact but a genuine tool for creation and empowerment. 

As a designer, I am clearly following the steps of the economist Fritz Schumacher who developed the concept of buddhist economy in his book Small is beautiful : a study of economics as if people matter. To briefly quote him, he says that “from the point of view of Buddhist economics, production from local ressources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life”. 

I am inspired by objects that work on their own, in direct relationship with their environment. 
The pot-in-pot fridge designed by the nigerian Mohamed Bah Abba is a very good example. Two clay pots inside of each other, with wet sand in-between, cool down food by water evaporation thanks to high external temperatures. It is a very accessible and empowering technology that promotes local ressources and culture.